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The Environmental Case for Extraterrestrial Resources

17 Jul 2013, 20:17 UTC
The Environmental Case for Extraterrestrial Resources
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During recent travels over the heart of our nation’s fossil fuel development and storage centers, a realization descended upon me in a new and sudden way. As I peered out of my porthole window at the landscape below, it struck me that a simple glimpse at the current state of our world is the only justification needed for developing extraterrestrial resources.
A picture, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words:

Take a closer look. Different aspects of the image will no doubt strike individual readers first. But as for me, I saw for the first time a jarring and unsettling truth. Quite unexpectedly, I was assaulted by the reality that between agricultural development and subsurface mineral resource exploration and extraction, no native portion of the planet’s surface remained as far as I my eyes could take me.
I reached up and took a picture with my phone, seeing for the first time the image of a planet not new but used – a surface completely consumed or discarded. It was the very first time I’ve had a negative visceral reaction to the breadth of our civilization’s development of the Earth’s surface.
The thought quickly followed that, with an ...

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