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Chronicles from Concordia

A winter night

11 Jul 2013, 21:35 UTC
A winter night
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Dear friends, forgive my long absence. But here I am once again to share another fragment of my experience. Winter continues to advance, day after day.

Concordia is immersed in the long Antarctic night, as am I, as are my thoughts. Even though I’m not missing the Sun, my body and spirit are. It’s been a long time since it left. We’ve passed the longest night, but the darkness will be with me for much longer yet. It still greedily keeps the hours of both day and night for itself.

Winter is also present in other small and insignificant changes that few would notice. For the past month, even the long-distance radio has stopped giving signs of life. It’s been on since the day the Mario Zucchelli base closed, anxiously waiting to catch the words of a familiar language that will mark the end of our physical and mental isolation.

After the base closed, the voices kept coming. From time to time, in the evenings, I’d hear things… I’d get up from my desk, go to the radio room and stare at the radio’s grey grill, my ears straining to understand those strange languages, languages never heard before now… ...

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