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Are Aliens On Twitter?

8 Jul 2013, 12:43 UTC
Are Aliens On Twitter?
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If aliens use Twitter would you send them a Tweet? What would you write to beings from another star in just 144 characters? You now have the chance to do just that and send a potential extra-terrestrial civilisation a message using the recently launched Lone Signal Project. Anyone can send a message for free, but it must be noted that further messages come at a cost!
The Lone Signal Project was founded by several entrepreneurs and scientists and is based at the Jamesburg Earth Station in California. You may have heard of this station before as it supported the Apollo 11 Moon landing and actually received some of the first televised images of the astronauts setting foot on the lunar surface. The station will now be utilised to transmit messages into space! The project will beam messages in any Earth language into space alongside binary code. Binary code is a digital representation of text and data which scientists believe would have a much greater chance of being understood by potential other life forms.
The Jamesburg Earth Station in California, USA(Image credit: Wikipedia)

The messages are not being sent just anywhere into space, but they are being targeted towards ...

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