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The Dangers of Space Travel

8 Jun 2013, 17:07 UTC
The Dangers of Space Travel
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It is probably every rookie astronaut’s nightmare, and probably even a veteran astronaut’s nightmare…scratch that it’s probably every single astronauts biggest fear that their rocket is destroyed whilst out on a space walk and they are stranded in space completely alone with no way of contacting Earth! Well that just describes the synopsis for Alfonso Cuarón’s upcoming film Gravity! Due out in October 2013 this ‘out of this world’ film will star Sandra Bullock as the newbie astronaut embarking on her very first shuttle mission and George Clooney as the veteran accompanying her on his final space voyage before retirement. (With a set up like this it is kind of inevitable that it wasn’t going to go smoothly!) After nasty space debris rips through the pair’s Shuttle spacecraft we see them stranded alone in space awaiting whatever fate the dark, vast universe has in store for them! But what does it have in store? What are the realistic dangers of space travel? Let’s find out, to both spoil the plot before October rolls around and also see what potential hazards await us on those future space holidays we all hope becomes normal practice in the not so distant future!

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