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June Night Sky Wonders

3 Jun 2013, 19:04 UTC
June Night Sky Wonders
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With the longest day of the year imminent for those of us in the northern hemisphere, we will no doubt be hoping to enjoy a little more sunshine and warmth each evening than in the months just passed! This however does not preclude there being some really fascinating sights to see in the heavens when the nocturnal star show commences.
The illustrated card for Draco the Dragon and Ursa Minor from the ‘Urania’s Mirror’ collection of 32 constellation cards, published in London, 1825.(Image credit: Sidney Hall/Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons)

Ninety degrees to the right of where the Sun has set (north) and at the highest point above you in the sky, you will find a long and rather snake-like pattern weaving its way between the Bears, Cepheus, and Hercules. This star pattern has a number of rather unique features which sets it apart from the other constellations embroidering the celestial sphere. As a ‘circumpolar’ constellation wrapped around the Pole Star this star pattern will never drop beneath the horizon, thus making it a great target for identification not only this month, but at any other time of the year. Having already described its shape you may have shrewdly ...

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