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Telescope nights at Armagh Planetarium

20 Feb 2013, 11:18 UTC
Telescope nights at Armagh Planetarium
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We live in an age when dazzling astronomical imagery is everywhere. We are privileged to have immediate access to close ups of the worlds of the Solar System thanks to interplanetary probes and stunning panoramas of nebula and galaxies thanks to hi-tech observatories. But to experience and to feel completely in touch with the marvels of the Universe you cannot beat directly seeing them for yourself with your own eyes. Here is how we can help. Armagh Planetarium is happy to announce that we will be hosting public telescope viewing sessions as part of our regular programme of late evening openings.
The Planetarium has invested in a 12 inch telescope on a Dobsonian mount and I have been getting to grips with this impressive beast over the past few weeks. I am delighted with the views I have obtained of the Moon, planets and deep sky objects and I think our visitors will be fascinated too.

1300 light years away. M42, the Great Nebula in Orion, imaged through Armagh Planetarium's telescope in January 2013. This was a 30 second exposure to capture the colours. (Image credit: Colin Johnston/Armagh Planetarium)

2.2 million light years away. M31, the ...

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