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Spacesuits of the Future

19 Feb 2013, 17:00 UTC
Spacesuits of the Future
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As we further consider spacesuits we may find a question arising in many of our minds: Why build any new spacesuits at all? Why not just reuse previous designs, especially when the expense of space technology manufacture is considered?
The answer is that with man’s space exploration program being in many ways still in its infancy and the total number of future mission destinations potentially limitless, so in equal measure are the number of spacesuit designs that may be required. One reason of course for this is that although the micro-G environment in which many Space Age EVAs have been performed would rarely require a new suit design for operating within it again in the future, the comparatively different partial gravity environments such as on the planets, would. Ultimately exploring new terrain and atmospheric conditions in space demands new suit specifications, as was the case with Earth-orbit EVA’s compared to the Moonwalks.
From the exterior, the next generation cosmonaut survival spacesuit, the MKS is likely to look just like its predecessor the Orlan-MK. (Image credit: Allocer via Wikipedia)

Moreover, where the prize for improved design elements may be for the mission as a whole to yield only greater ...

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