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Spacesuits: Fashion of the Future!

14 Feb 2013, 16:07 UTC
Spacesuits: Fashion of the Future!
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Ever fancied yourself in a spacesuit? Whether in fact you believe that a spacesuit makes desirable fancy dress, it is undoubtedly, more so than any other profession in which a high-profile uniform is worn, iconic. However compared to those occupations in which uniforms are primarily worn to draw attention, spacesuits represent far more. So exactly to what extent are spacesuits the product of fashion or function? Let’s take a look at a few designs to find out…
Just as the colour and style of a police officer’s uniform may vary depending on their nationality or current circumstances, so the same can be said of the different spacesuits that men and women have worn to head into space.
February 20th 1962: John H. Glenn Jr., first man from the US to orbit the Earth three times in the Friendship 7 spacecraft, as pictured in the reflective Mercury Program spacesuit. (Image credit:NASA)

Silver in appearance, the Mercury Program ‘spacesuit’ was a partial-pressure suit that could temporarily countermeasure any unintentional drop in atmospheric pressure within the spacecraft at high altitude. It was however known for being difficult to bend at limb joints when pressurised. Besides the suit’s reflective aluminized outer nylon ...

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