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The Night sky in February 2013

1 Feb 2013, 11:13 UTC
The Night sky in February 2013
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Now hopefully any January blues are well and truly dispersed by now and you are prepared to take full advantage of the dark February night sky. Although special events may be sparse within the shortest month of the year, maybe we can use February as you would a favourite book or movie. Just like reading your favourite Jane Austen novel for the hundredth time or sitting down to yet another Star Wars marathon, we can hunt the skies in February for some of the most impressive patterns and the most interesting objects that we can find in the chilly February darkness! And for any romantics out there, we are in the Valentines month so let’s mix some of the favourites together with the most romantic and beautiful objects and patterns that grace the night sky this month.
So let’s begin with a small history lesson in astronomy. You most likely know that the constellations we have in the sky today were created long ago by Babylonians and people in Mesopotamia, with Romans and Greeks adopting them years later, creating myths and legends about them to help remember them as well as adding a sense of drama to the night sky. ...

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