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5 Goofy Moonlanding Hoax Theories

30 Jan 2013, 11:49 UTC
5 Goofy Moonlanding Hoax Theories
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The idea that the Apollo missions to the Moon were a hoax can be found in books, DVD documentaries and many websites. These claim that sending crews to the Moon was impossible so NASA faked the missions on Earth. Some put forward evidence to prove this. This conspiracy theory is popular, but no astronomers or space scientists take it seriously.
Here are some of the most common claims made to suggest that the missions were faked and our responses.
Stars and Stripes Forever? Note the horizontal rod supporting the flag. (Image credit: NASA)

1.“There’s no wind on the Moon, so how come the flag was blowing in a breeze?”
It is absolutely correct to say there cannot be any wind on the Moon’s surface and a flag would just hang limply from its pole, so the flags planted on the Moon were held out by a horizontal rod projecting from the pole. Once they were planted the flags hung motionless for the rest of the mission (apart from occasions when they were disturbed by an astronaut brushing past. There are hours of video tapes showing the flags remaining absolutely stationary. TV programmes and internet videos occasionally edit these ...

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