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The Constructs of a New Idea

22 Jan 2013, 03:29 UTC
The Constructs of a New Idea
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I've just finished reading a book called 'Design in Nature'. And by sharing what I've learned from that book I am practically validating its premise--that everything in the universe has a tendency to flow--even information itself. Good ideas flow and I am happy to act as a conduit for another great idea to flow onwards. That idea is called the Constructal Law.

I will attempt to list 4 major ideas from the book in a short and concise manner and then I provide my own comments. I hope I captured the main ideas from the book well enough to stimulate your own mind to explore it further. There were plenty of ideas but I am still reeling from the fresh new eyes I got after reading that book and I am scrambling to write down as much as I can to share it, understand it, and articulate it.
I promise you that I will post more ideas in bite-sized format. But for now you may consider this post as a preview.

1) The Constructal Law makes Design a Concept of Science.
"The constructal law accounts not only for the emergence of design but also its evolution. Design is a spontaneously ...

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