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When will we send humans to Mars?

21 Sep 2012, 15:58 UTC
When will we send humans to Mars?
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Alex wrote a two piece article for the BBC on human exploration of Mars with quotes from ESA astronaut Tim Peake and Mars-500 participant Charles Romain. Read the follow-up Saturday 22 September.
Concordia, similar to the Red Planet? Credits: A. Kumar
Just how far are we from mounting a crewed mission to the Red Planet?
It's a question I ponder as I stare into a powerful telescope and see a reddish hue in the surrounding darkness.
I have been overwintering at the French-Italian outpost of Concordia station in Antarctica, which is also used to study how humans might one day survive a trip to the Red Planet.
My eyes begin to freeze and my eyelashes become matted together with ice. I dig my hands deeper, further into my pockets seeking warmth.
Read more at BBC News...

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