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2012 Has Become the Tweed Jacket of Doomsday Scenarios

7 Aug 2009, 21:11 UTC
2012 Has Become the Tweed Jacket of Doomsday Scenarios
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In a little over three years time, December 21st 2012 will be upon us. For every reason under the Sun, 2012 will be a normal year, with its fair share of trials, tribulations, disasters, deaths, political unrest and pretty much every other setback we’ve been facing this year, last year and all the other years we’ve lived through. Some years are better than others, some are downright bleak, but we can never predict what the year 2012 is going to be like. And no, the Mayans, astrologers, secret government conspirators or tea leaves don’t have a clue either.
No vague doomsday prophesy predicted since the dawn of time has happened, and that’s not going to change.
It’s a little thing called causality. No future event can be seen before it happens, otherwise the whole cause-and-effect thing gets completely screwed up. It’s the way time works, no amount of believing otherwise will change that…
*yawn* Sorry, I fell asleep. Is it me, or is this 2012 bunkum already getting out-dated? Has it become the doomsday equivalent of the tweed jacket of fashion?
I bring this up as the doomsday hype is leaking into every facet of reporting, and today ...

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