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Chronicles from Concordia

A glow on the horizon

25 Jul 2012, 16:24 UTC
A glow on the horizon
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It is -74 Degrees Celsius... Welcome to Planet Concordia
Taken today, this photograph shows a brief glow that appeared on the horizon and predicts the return of the sun in the next few weeks, warming our hearts with a New Hope. It was truly a magnificent feeling, but one that should be taken with caution.
Alexander Kumar in sunlight on 25 July 2012 Credit: ESA/IPEV/ENEAA/A. Kumar
Concordia has been alone in the darkness for 3 months.
It kick-started our memories of daylight. Although the sun itself remains below the horizon, it provides a warming glow that broke the silent darkness over Concordia. And like the journey in Lord of the Rings, we were entering a new chapter in this trilogy, experiencing the most extreme transition between seasons that is available anywhere on our planet.
The first streaks of dawn paint the Antarctic sky on 25 July 2012 Credit: ESA/IPEV/ENEAA/A. Kumar
Walking home from the outing with French Astronomer Guillaume Bouchez, featured in blue in the photos, one of my eyes froze closed - where the eyelids had frozen together. Typical, just when there is something to see! But we have to be thankful, because at these temperatures your corneas (outer ...

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