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Oh This Tangled Exoweb We Weave

18 Jul 2012, 20:07 UTC
Oh This Tangled Exoweb We Weave
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As everyone in the exoplanet community have noticed, the Exoplanet Encyclopedia (exoplanet.eu) has updated its site with a nifty new look and new functionalities. It's great. And I love change. The only thing is that it broke my Total Known Exoplanets Chrome Extension. I didn't think anyone ever uses it, until a twitter user inquired.
So i spent some time to fix it. And now i'm happy to report that it is back up again. Well, at least for now, it's not showing blank. I know it's showing a lesser count than it did before it went offline. I will now explain the changes that happened under the hood and what it would mean onwards.

When exoplanet.eu changed its pages, my robotic HTML scraper was no longer getting the updated exoplanet count. Much as i tried, I can no longer grab hold of the updated count from that site. So i turned to the coolest open ExoAPI.com to provide the exoplanet count.
Using a simple AJAX call, it returns some data that includes the total count. Of course there's always room for improvement and i contacted the awesome developers of ExoAPI to provide an API call to grab *just* the ...

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