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July 16 – 22, 2012 / Vol 31, No 29 / Hawai`i Island, USA

13 Jul 2012, 20:25 UTC
July 16 – 22, 2012 / Vol 31, No 29 / Hawai`i Island, USA
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Russia Launch of Soyuz TMA-05A to Deliver Expedition 32 Crew
Expedition 32 continues as three new crew members Yuri Malenchenko (Ukraine-Russia), Sunita Williams (USA) and Akihiko Hoshide (Japan) are set to launch aboard the Soyuz TMA-05M spacecraft from Baikonur on July 14, then dock with the ISS on July 17 to begin a busy 4 month tour of duty. Expedition 32 began on July 1 when the Expedition 31 crew undocked from the ISS. Before leaving, Expedition 31 Commander Oleg Kononenko handed over command of Expedition 32 to Russian Gennady Padalka, who remains aboard the station with fellow cosmonaut Sergei Revin and NASA astronaut Joe Acaba. The new crew will be preparing for the July 20 arrival of an HTV Japanese cargo vehicle carrying critical payloads for scientific research on the human body in space, including the effects of microgravity and cardiovascular response. The crew also anticipates the arrival of Orbital Sciences and SpaceX commercial vehicles during the 4 month increment. Commander Padalka and flight engineer / Soyuz vehicle commander Malenchenko will conduct an EVA to replace a faulty Main Bus Switching Unit and install cables to transfer U.S. power to the Russian segment for the Multipurpose Laboratory Module coming ...

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