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On Prometheus, an eyecandy

20 Jun 2012, 23:02 UTC
On Prometheus, an eyecandy
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Prometheus is an eyecandy. The visuals and special effects are well done. The design of the spacesuits are unique. The user interface to control gadgetries and machineries are good. And the star maps are marvelous. I posted some photos of my favorite scenes in the movie.
However, an eyecandy is what Prometheus will ever be. I'm afraid it failed to live up to the hype. It will not be among the classic scifi films (such as Bladerunner or Solaris, etc) that one would watch over and over again for the sheer engagement of the eyes and the mind.
I thought the film was going to be smart, and yet it had massive holes in the plot. And the science was off. And the stupidity of all the characters distracted me all throughout the movie: all the characters were idiotic. I am truly disappointed for it made Astrobiologists look like fools.
Though i am happy about the planetary aspects of the film, overall Prometheus isn't inspiring at all. Yes, I am aware that i must not be taken in by all the visuals and look deeper into the analogies and metaphors expressed by the movie--that it tells of our endless yearning ...

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