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Whoopi Goldberg, Lunar Hoaxes and Stupidity

20 Jul 2009, 22:27 UTC
Whoopi Goldberg, Lunar Hoaxes and Stupidity
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I never thought Hollywood celebs were particularly bright when it came to promoting science (look at the mess that is Jenny McCarthy), but a rather unlikely voice has emerged as a prominent moon hoax believer… Whoopi Goldberg. Yep, Whoopi went live on the air, today (you know, the day of the 40th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 lunar landing) on The View, saying, “I am a fan of the movie Capricorn One…”
You know what’s coming.
“There are a couple of questions I have from time to time. Who shot the footage? ‘Cuz you see the two astronauts, you never see the [third astronaut behind the camera] [...] you’d think he would have turned around [in front of the camera] and gone like this so we’d know it was him,” she said while pretending to wave at the camera. The audience laughed.
Yes, very funny. It’s funny because there is an astonishing amount of stupidity in the debate that followed. Barbara Walters does her best to even the playing field, saying in astonishment, “You don’t really doubt men landed on the moon?”
To which Whoopi drones on (hands flying around) about the moon conspiracy is one of ...

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