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Science as the language of time-travelers

17 Apr 2012, 02:57 UTC
Science as the language of time-travelers
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A note today on something that is implicit in many of the popular treatments of time travel that I’d like to make explicit. Namely, I’d like to explore the answer to the question:
Presuming backward-and-forward time travel to be possible, how could we communicate with those from different times?
This is something that actually comes up quite frequently in science-fiction. More often than not, the answer to the protagonist’s communication woes is simply: Science.
More specifically, science is the means by which a character from a less-advanced culture is able to understand and quickly adapt to and utilize new concepts. -And I think it’s spot on.
Allow me to illustrate what I mean.
The Time Traveler interacting with an artificial intelligence expert system at the future New York Public Library. (Credit: Warner Bros)
The Common Element
Take the recent film incarnation of “The Time Machine” as an example. When the Time Traveler begins his journey into the future, he does so from the same spatial location – his house in early-twentieth-century New York city – to arrive in a futuristic New York City that looks to be mid-to-late 21st Century.
In attempting to answer his own question about the ...

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