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Multiplanets and the New Kepler Planet Candidate List

7 Mar 2012, 13:18 UTC
Multiplanets and the New Kepler Planet Candidate List
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It’s been a very busy few weeks for the Planet Hunters science team. Chris submitted his paper and posted online announcing the discovery of two more planet candidates. In addition, I submitted (finally!!) my paper detailing the results of the Q1 classifications looking for short period planets and how well we do at finding transits from planets 2 earth radii and larger. So stay tuned , more on the results from my paper in about a month when we’ll get the referee’s report back. Also the Kepler team have released their newest list of planet candidates in their latest paper which includes an excellent section on Planet Hunters and several co-discoveries of candidates that were on our candidates list that you’ve helped us find (more on that tomorrow). The Kepler team have announced a whopping 2321 planet candidates orbiting 1790 stars. This includes 368 planetary systems with multiple transiting planets. We’re in the process of updating the Talk labels to identify those new candidates and new multiplanet systems found by the Kepler team.
A really nice website for looking up and sorting the planet parameters and host star properties of this latest batch of Kepler planet candidates is the NASA ...

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