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District 9… It Could Happen

12 Jul 2009, 04:51 UTC
District 9… It Could Happen
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Occasionally, out of the CGI’d dust of orgasmic fight sequences of Transformers 2 and the predicted lack of plot in the forthcoming 2012, the movie industry churns up a gem of a sci-fi flick.
I suspect Moon is one of those rare movies (I am still trying to find time to get my bum down the cinema to watch it) that combines plot, effects and scientific accuracy (just about) to arrive at a genuinely good film.
And then there’s District 9, due for release in August. At first look of the trailer, you’ll see why I’m getting a little excited:
'Uninvited' Theatrical Trailer @ Yahoo! Video
I was expecting the same old aliens invade, world on fire, Will Smith punches alien, USA saves the world storyline at first, but if you read the IMDB plot summary (spoilers!), you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Damn, I have to share the plot… stop reading now if you want to be totally vague about the story of District 9.
That's what those posters are all about! The movie viral campaign poster from District 9.
[Micro-spoiler below]
Basically, rather than invading Earth, these alien dudes have landed on our planet seeking refuge after their ...

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