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Volunteers Needed to Finish Q1 Round 2

14 Feb 2012, 04:02 UTC
Volunteers Needed to Finish Q1 Round 2
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I’m close to submitting my paper looking for short period planets in the Quarter 1 Kepler light curves and comparing to the known Kepler sample of planets. For the past several months I’ve been developing an algorithm to combine the results from multiple users who have classified the Quarter 1 light curves and summarizing the results in a paper. The goal was to look for planets with period less than 15 days and radii greater than 2 earth radii (so looking for big planets) where there would at least be two transits in the light curves. To see what the project could and couldn’t detect, I made simulated light curves where I injected a planet transit signal into a real Kepler light curve for different planet radii and orbits. If you’ve seen a simulation, you’ll know because a message will pop up after you’ve classified the light curve telling you so and showing where the transit is in red. These synthetic light curves help us understand what Planet Hunters can and can’t find, which is important to know. We do have simulations for Q4 light curves that you might have classified.
The last stage of my pipeline requires human eyeballs. ...

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