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Kepler Science Conference Part 5

22 Dec 2011, 01:05 UTC
Kepler Science Conference Part 5
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Today’s blog is a guest post by fellow Planet Hunter and frequent contributor on PH Talk, Daryll (nighthawk_black) who also attended the Kepler Science conference. This is Part 2 of a two part blog post summarizing the Kepler Science Conference sessions. You can find lots more of his pictures chronicling the conference here.


Another PH favorite topic of discussion was covered here with exomoon theory and some possible findings, see more here by Darren Williams. Will we find an Earth sized exoplanet with an Earth sized exomoon, orbiting a massive gas giant or brown dwarf–in a circumbinary system..?
Also promising was a talk on possible detection of strange and exotic phenomenon distinct from ‘standard’ transits by Benjamin Bromley. Across such a diversity of planetary systems, I’m confident there are some intriguing finds we’ve yet to realize or recognize; some possibly in cataclysmic systems.
This session concluded with a lunchtime presentation by Martin Still and Tom Barclay about the revised KGO software package PyKE, includes tools for dealing with possible contamination and other flux related issues that come up when doing analysis of FITS data. I highly recommend any of you Planethunters that are interested in ...

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