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The Kepler Science Conference Part 3

14 Dec 2011, 20:02 UTC
The Kepler Science Conference Part 3
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This guest post is by fellow Planet Hunter and frequent contributor on PH Talk, Kian (Kianjin) who attended the Kepler Science Conference. Some photos courtesy of Tom (Tom128)
For any exoplanet junkie, sitting in a packed room with over 500 planetary scientists geeking out over light curves is probably asking for an OD. And If I thought that the Planet Hunter community was full of obsessive compulsive nerds, then it was reassuring to find that professional Planet Hunters were just the same, but even more so. These are exceptionally smart people, much more intense and driven, and very fond of bad Star Trek jokes. These are the people I like. Our kind of people. We should be totally at home here.
Obviously there is a lot of planetary science here. In fact there is so much of this that they had to keep each session short. But that’s not so bad, all the details are in the paper which you can download, the change in scene every 15 minutes was welcome too, and the brisk pace kept people engaged. The concise nature of each talk meant fewer equations and graphs, capped off by a one slide take-home message – all ...

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