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The First Kepler Science Conference

10 Dec 2011, 22:24 UTC
The First Kepler Science Conference
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Greetings from the Cleaveland airport, I’m on my way back to Yale from California. This past week I’ve been attending y the First Kepler Science Conference at NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California. It has been a full week of talks and posters on extrasolar planets, planet formation, and stellar astrophysics with emphasis on results from Kepler.
I gave a talk in the Kepler mission and exoplanet statistics session presenting Planet Hunters and our first results. My talk and the entire conference was recorded and the videos are available to view here.
There were lots of interesting talks highlighting what a treasure trove the Kepler data set is. The Kepler team announced the detection of over 2,000 planet candidates identified in the first five quarters of Kepler observations and the discovery of Kepler’s first confirmed planet (Kepler 22-b) orbiting in the habitable zone of a solar-type star. The habitable zone has been dubbed the goldilocks zone because it’s the region around the star where it not too hot and not too cold for liquid water to exist. So if Kepler-22b is rocky it might have liquid water on its surface, but we don’t currently have a good mass ...

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