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Quick Update

5 Nov 2011, 19:34 UTC
Quick Update
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It’s been awhile since we gave an update to what the team’s been up to. So what have we been doing…..
Last month, Chris and I were attending the EPSC–DPS meeting in Nantes, France. I gave a talk on our first results. It went well, and there was good feedback about Planet Hunters. After the conference, I went to Oxford and spent the week at Oxford Zooniverse HQ with Chris working on all things Planet Hunters.
We’ve developed a pipeline to take the raw classifications and go to short period planet candidates (planets with orbits less than 15 days) using the results from all your classifications of the real Kepler light curves and the simulations. With the results from the simulations, we know what was detected and not detected and can come out with a detection efficiency for Planet Hunters. It looks like Planet Hunters is ~90-95% efficient at detecting objects larger than ~3 Earth radii. We presented the early results from this work at EPSC-DPS, and spent most of the time at Oxford analyzing and understanding the results from the pipeline. It was a good productive trip, and I left Oxford with a plan and outline for a paper ...

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