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Skylab in the cinema, and in French too!

11 Jul 2011, 22:37 UTC
Skylab in the cinema, and in French too!
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I'm not the only person obsessed with Skylab at the moment ........ French actress and director Julie Delpy is making a loosely autobiographical comedy set in 1979, in which an extended family gathers for a birthday party in Brittany on the weekend of the re-entry. Julie Delpy herself was 10 in 1979, and the film will be presented from the perspective of the ten-year old Albertine (Delpy plays Albertine's mother). In mid-July that year, the world speculated about where Skylab would re-enter, and what the consequences would be (many thought the impact may make the Earth explode). In the USA, people sold hard hats as "Skylab Survival Kits", and a restaurant invented the Skylab cocktail: "Two of these and you won't know what hit you". In more war-torn parts of the world, people thought of taking refuge in air-raid shelters; and there was a level of anxiety created by the earlier re-entry of a USSR satellite over Canada which released nuclear fuel.Thanks to the bloggers at Julie Delpy: A tribute to her talent, I can tell you what the plot is:Scripted by Delpy, the film is structured like a long flashback experienced by Albertine and triggered by a train journey ...

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