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Space Age Archaeology

Space junk floating around the Moon

17 Sep 2011, 07:31 UTC
Space junk floating around the Moon
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The picture below is a computer image made by Zoe Star Wardlaw, aged 7. She is the daughter of my friend Alice Wardlaw. She explains it in her own words: My picture is of a moon, a star and some space junk floating in space. The space junk is floating around the moon. Around the moon there is stars and space junk. The moon is a different colour to the others. I did the stars and the space junk because I wanted to and I felt like it and I just wanted to because I felt like it. The moon is VERY BIG in my picture BECAUSE I want it that way and I like it that way.There are many things I like about this picture. The space junk is clearly in orbit around the Moon, and varies in size. For some pieces, it appears as if we are viewing them on an angle, so there is a nice three-dimensionality to the picture.I also like the fact that, for Zoe, space automatically contains junk. She chose the Moon, not the Earth: she assumes that because the Earth is surrounded by space junk, so are all other celestial bodies in the ...

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