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Dude, Philosophy on Aliens is Disappointing

6 Oct 2011, 16:31 UTC
Dude, Philosophy on Aliens is Disappointing
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Dude, I love Philosophy. But I’m just pissed by what I’ve heard about what one Philosopher said about aliens and stuff. I mean, after reading that thing, it made me sad. See, i’ve been waiting for philosophers to say something about these freakin’ great things that are happening in exoplanet science and shit. About how it has something to do with life and stuff like that. On twitter I’ve urged philosophers to at least “say somethin’, man!” Because this is an amazing time to be alive! We’re almost about to find out whether we’re alone or not. So i've been seeking some wisdom of philosophy for a while now, and then this saddening piece is what i read. What kind of logic is this? "We should not take the SETI bet... because aliens are hostile." Pffft.

Don’t get me wrong, dude. The reason why i’m writing this post is because i want Philosophy to actually do better than this. I don’t want Stephen Hawking to piss on Philosophers again the way he did when he said that "Philosophy is Dead". Hell, No! Ummm, Hey maybe Philosophers haven’t been keeping up with the times lately. But see, I’m not a big ...

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