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First Planet Candidates Discovered by Planet Hunters

22 Sep 2011, 04:00 UTC
First Planet Candidates Discovered by Planet Hunters
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We are very, very happy to announce that the first Planet Hunters paper has been submitted to the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, or MNRAS.*
The title page of the paper shows:

If you take a close look at the affiliations, you will see that #16 is called “Planet Hunter.” That’s because this paper reports the discovery of two planet candidates discovered by our volunteers – and naturally, we included those those who were the first people to identify possible transits in the the 9 stars discussed in the paper. We also include a link to the full list of all Planet Hunters; you can find it here.
So what does the paper actually say? As it’s the first (of hopefully many) papers, we give a brief overview of the Kepler data and the Planet Hunters interface. How did we display the data? What questions did we ask? What did you guys actually do to identify transits?
We then used some of the first data from the site, and took the “top ten” stars (though 9 are discussed in the paper) with transits flagged by you guys and vetted them to determine, for example, whether they are ...

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