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Some more examples – Kepler Favorites

21 Aug 2011, 17:39 UTC
Some more examples – Kepler Favorites
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One of the biggest questions people ask for me is more examples. Which is hard to give because the light curves vary so much and transits look different for differing planet radii and periods – the depth of the transit is related to the ratio of the planet radius to the star’s radius, so bigger dips are generally due to larger planets. I thought I’d give links to a good portion of the Kepler team’s planet candidate list on PH. I’ve listed below the radii and period of the planet (in the case of the mutliplanets I’m only listing one of the planets). Some transits will be easy to see in these light curves others will be really difficult especially for the smaller 1-2 earth-radii planets. That’s where the simulations in the site help out, because they tell us how sensitive we are to detecting different size planets and how many we might be missing.
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PS. In addition, the Kepler team just announced that the next public release of data has been moved up from June 2012 to September 23rd. The press release also mentions Planet Hunters, thanks to all your hard work! Quarter 3 ...

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