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So Close To Earth

1 Aug 2011, 21:41 UTC
So Close To Earth
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I have noticed recently that several films had placed entire planets so dangerously close to Earth.

In Transformers: Dark of the Moon, the Decepticons attempted to teleport their home planet Cybertron right next to Earth!

Then there’s Melancholia, an upcoming movie that seems to have a planet set to collide with Earth.

Another Earth has the most poignant scene of them all, with a mirror earth (that includes a matching mirror moon) spanning a huge portion of the sky visible in breathtaking detail.

Let me tell you this. Never have I known a bunch of movies released almost simultaneously that has put entire planets so near to earth. Correct me if i’m wrong, but perhaps the last movie ever made about another planet getting this close to earth was way back in 1951, When Worlds Collide. But now, in an era when we are at the brink of finding another earth (or earth-like planet), a movie comes out that places a mirror world so poetically close to Earth.

Were these films influenced by the numerous discoveries of exoplanets that we hear about in the news almost every month? My answer to these questions is a resounding Yes! But there are ...

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