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The Next Lindbergh Boom

16 May 2011, 23:26 UTC
The Next Lindbergh Boom
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I’ve been studying and thinking about Charles Lindbergh the last few months.
The 25 years or so following his solo flight across the Atlantic are sometimes referred to as “The Lindbergh Boom”. There was an explosion of air travel right after that time. It’s amazing to think about how fast things changed in the 1930s and 40s.
One thing that I’ve been tossing around in my head as I’ve been studying this is whether Lindbergh’s flight was a catalyst for mass change, or more like an indicator and rallying point. Right after his flight there was a huge publicity movement including a 3 month tour across the country.
Just two weeks after his flight, Clarence Chamberlin and Charles Levine flew from New Work to Eiselben Germany, almost 300 miles further than Lindbergh. A few weeks after that 3 men flew the same journey as Lindbergh although they crashed in a field just outside of Paris(they survived). This is an indication that the industry may have been just bursting at the seams with innovation and Charles just happened to be first by a small margin.
Rallying points ARE important though, and he was definitely that for an entire generation and ...

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