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Trouble in the GLXP paradise

28 Apr 2011, 02:52 UTC
Trouble in the GLXP paradise
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The Mystical Moon team posted this letter this evening regarding their general “unhappiness” with the legal process with the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition. As someone who is in contact with most of the teams I can tell you that this is not the only team who feels as strongly as this and I’m surprized that this is the only team to yet go public with it.
It’s time to buck up X PRIZE, you’ve got some fires burning.
April 27, 2011
Dear GLXP Teams:
Please take a few minutes to read this IMPORTANT truthful statement by Mystical Moon.
On February 8, 2011, our team, in good faith, completed registration into the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP) competition by signing the “Legally Binding, Final Agreement and Rules” Version 3.0 Master Team Agreement (MTA) with the X PRIZE Foundation, Inc. (XPF). In emails since the mutual execution of the MTA, XPF has enforced the aforementioned MTA agreement, especially regarding the “blogging and video” requirements, thereby, acknowledging that the Version 3.0 MTA is in force.
On April 15, 2011, instead of meeting their MTA contractual commitments to the registered GLXP teams (Teams), XPF sends out an email (after COB Pacific) containing a ...

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