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NASA’s latest update - ACS Repair in progress

16 May 2009, 17:22 UTC
NASA’s latest update - ACS Repair in progress
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Sat, 16 May 2009 07:03:34 PM GMT+0200
We now are 3 hours, 19 minutes into today’s spacewalk.
COSTAR was removed and stored for its return, and COS successfully installed on the telescope. Grunsfeld and Feustel now will begin work on the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) repair. The spacewalkers will spend about two hours and 10 minutes working on the camera and will remove two of the four electronics cards that need to be replaced. Grunsfeld’s first task will be to install four guide studs that will be used later to install tools. Feustel will assist him with that job, and then the two will work together to remove a grid. To do so, Grunsfeld will fit a grid cutter over the grid. Tightening the 12 bolts on the grid cutter will cause a blade to cut off the 12 legs of the grid. The grid cutter also will trap the pieces of the grid, so that the spacewalkers don’t have to handle the sharp edges created by cutting the grid off.

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