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NASA’s latest Shuttle Update

15 May 2009, 18:06 UTC
NASA’s latest Shuttle Update
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Spacewalkers Install Final RSU
Fri, 15 May 2009 07:56:11 PM GMT+0200
The final rate sensor unit was successfully seated and installed into place.
Massimino and Good are now working to perform the first half of the mission’s battery replacement work. From the telescope’s Bay 2, they’ll replace the first of two batteries. Good will retrieve the old battery by disconnecting six electrical connectors and unscrewing 14 bolts, while Massimino retrieves the new battery from its stowage location inside the shuttle’s super lightweight interchangeable carrier. He’ll have to unscrew 12 bolts to remove it. The two astronauts will swap batteries at the carrier, and Good will transport the new battery to the telescope for installation, while Massimino stows the old.

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