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Zombies, Bigfoot, and Max Brooks

6 Apr 2020, 14:33 UTC
Zombies, Bigfoot, and Max Brooks
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What do a zombie attack and a viral pandemic have in common?  They are both frightening, mindless, and relentless in their assault.  And both require preparedness.   That’s why the author of “World War Z” – a story about a battle against zombies – lectures at West Point.  Max Brooks has also recorded a public service announcement with his celebrated father, Mel Brooks, touting the importance of social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.  His newest novel portrays a different assailant: Bigfoot.  Whether our enemy is the undead, a hirsute forest dweller, or an invisible virus, panic won’t help us survive.  Find out what will. Guest: Max Brooks – Lecturer at West Point’s Modern War Institute. Author of “Zombie Survival Guide,” “World War Z,” and the forthcoming “Devolution.”

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