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06: Brightest Quasar In the Early Universe

18 Jan 2019, 12:26 UTC
06:  Brightest Quasar In the Early Universe
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Stream podcast episodes on demand from www.spacetimewithstuartgary.com (mobile friendly). This episode of SpaceTime is brought to you by The Great Courses Plus...lifelong learning from the best in their fields. To take up our special free trial offer, just use our URL… www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/space and help support the show while doing yourself a favour. *Brightest quasar in the early universeAstronomers have discovered the brightest object ever seen at a time when the universe was less than a billion years old.You tube video URL: http://spacetimewithstuartgary.tumblr.com/post/181917782323  *Second nearest exoplanet could harbour life – maybe!Scientists say Barnard b – a icy super Earth orbiting Barnard’s Star could still have the potential to harbour primitive life if it has a large, hot iron/nickel core and enhanced geothermal activity.*The Great Melbourne Telescope celebrates 150 years2019 marks the 150th anniversary of the Great Melbourne Telescope or GMT -- one of Australia’s earliest mega scientific endeavours.*Blue Origin to begin flying space tourists this yearBlue Origin boss Amazon founder Jeff Bezos says the company will begin flying tourists into space this year – although tickets haven’t gone on sale just yet.*The Science ReportGetting more than the recommended six to eight hours of sleep a day linked to cardiovascular disease.New evidence that smoking dope causes structural and cognitive changes in teenage brains.Bacteria stranded on the International Space Station are adapting to survive.A new study claims female budgerigars find cleaver male budgies especially attractive. For enhanced Show Notes including photos to accompany this episode, visit: http://www.bitesz.com/spacetimeshownotes Subscribe, rate and review SpaceTime at all good podcasting apps…including Apple Podcasts (formerly iTunes), Google Podcasts, Stitcher, PocketCasts, Podbean, Radio Public, TuneIn Radio, google play, Spreaker, Spotify, Deezer, ACast etc RSS feed: https://feeds.megaphone.fm/spacetime Would you prefer to have access to the special commercial-free version of SpaceTime? Help support the show, subscribe at Patreon....and share in the rewards. Details at www.patreon.com/spacetimewithstuartgary  Help support SpaceTime: The SpaceTime with Stuart Gary merchandise shop. Get your T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, badges, tote bag + more and help support the show. Check out the range: http://www.cafepress.com/spacetime Thank you. Plus: As a part of the SpaceTime family, you can get a free audiobook of your choice, plus 30 days free access from audible.com. Just visit www.audibletrial.com/spacetime or click on the banner link at www.spacetimewithstuartgary.com Email: SpaceTime@bitesz.com To receive the Astronomy Daily Newsletter free, direct to your inbox...just join our mailing list at www.bitesz.com/mailinglist

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