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Space Time with Stuart Gary Series 19 Ep. 14 - Supernova secrets revealed

23 Mar 2016, 09:36 UTC
Space Time with Stuart Gary Series 19 Ep. 14 - Supernova secrets revealed
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Hi everyone....Stuart here with your Show Notes for Ep. 14:

Supernova secrets revealed
The brilliant flash from the initial blast of a supernova explosion known as a shock breakout, has been captured for the first time. The discovery will improve sciences understanding of these cataclysmic stellar death blasts which are powerful enough to briefly outshine an entire galaxy.

New monster spiral galaxies discovered
A strange new kind of galactic beast has been discovered in the cosmic wilderness – hiding in plain sight. Dubbed "super spirals," these unprecedented galaxies dwarf our own spiral galaxy, the Milky Way, and compete in size and brightness with the largest known galaxies in the universe…the giant elliptical.

Hubble unveils some of the most massive stars ever seen
The Hubble Space Telescope has opened a new vista into a massive star forming region in the Tarantula Nebula which is home to some of the biggest stars in the universe. Astronomers combined images taken by two separate Hubble instruments to dissect the young cluster in unprecedented details.

Expedition 47 blasts off bound for the International Space Station
A Russian Soyuz rocket has blasted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the central Asian republic of Kazakhstan carrying three new crew members to the International Space Station. The Expedition 47 crew will spend five months conducting more than 250 experiments aboard the orbiting outpost.

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