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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 39 - The June Solstice Edition

22 Jun 2016, 12:29 UTC
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 39 - The June Solstice Edition
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Hi...Stuart with the Show Notes for Series 19 Episode 39:

*Did gravitational wave detector find dark matter?
The successful detection of gravitational waves from the merging of black holes has raised new speculation about the possible source of dark matter. Dark matter which makes up 85 percent of all the material in the universe is a mysterious invisible substance which can only be detected by its gravitational interaction with ordinary matter.

*NASA's Juno spacecraft to risk Jupiter’s fireworks for science
NASA’s Juno spacecraft is about to enter orbit around the solar system’ largest planet and in the process face massive radiation exposure – enough to destroy the probe. Will NASA’s plan save the mission?

*The June Solstice has arrived
The June Solstice occurred at 22:33:59 GMT or 08:33:59 Australian Eastern Standard time on the morning of Tuesday June 21st as the Sun reached zenith -- appearing to be directly over the tropic of cancer at a point in the Pacific Ocean about 238 kilometres north of Honolulu, Hawaii. For our listeners in the northern hemisphere that means summer has arrived while for us south of the equator it means winter has well and truly set in.

*Space Station Crew return to Earth
Three crew members from the International Space Station have returned safely to Earth wrapping up a 186 day mission in orbit.
Expedition 47 Commander NASA’s Tim Kopra , ESA flight engineer Tim Peake and Roscosmos Soyuz TMA-19M Commander Yuri Malenchenko of touched down on the remote Kazakhstan step.

*It’s been a busy time for Russian space missions
In addition to their manned spaceflight program Roscosmos has also launched a ROKOT rocket carrying a scientific satellite, and a Proton rocket carrying a telecommunications satellite.

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