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SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 65 - Martian lakes around far longer than thought

21 Sep 2016, 10:35 UTC
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 19 Episode 65 - Martian lakes around far longer than thought
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Hi everyone, Stuart with the Show Notes for Series 19 Episode 65:

*Martian lakes around far longer than thought
There’s new evidence from Mars that lakes and snowmelt-fed streams on the red planet surface may have formed as recently as 2 to 3 billion years ago -- much later than previously thought possible. The new findings show that recently discovered lakes and streams appeared on the red planet’s northern Arabia Terra region roughly a billion years after a well-documented, earlier era of wet conditions on ancient Mars.

*Ceres pyramid mystery solved
A mysterious pyramid structure discovered by NASA’s Dawn spacecraft on the surface of the asteroid Ceres is now believed to be a recently active cryovolcano. The findings indicate the volcano which has been named Ahuna Mons – has only a few impact craters on its flanks -- indicating it was formed fairly recently -- within the last couple of hundred million years.

*September Equinox
The September equinox will take place at 21 minutes after midnight on the morning of Friday September 23rd Australian Eastern Standard time. The day marks the point in Earth’s orbit around the Sun when the planet’s rotational axial tilt means the Sun will appear to rise and set exactly due East to someone standing on the equator.

*China launches new space station
China has successfully launched a new space station. The Tiangong 2 was blasted into orbit aboard a Long March 2F rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Centre in the Gobi desert.

*Arianespace launches five satellites on Vega rocket
Arianespace has successfully launched a Vega rocket carrying five Earth observation satellites into orbit. The three stage solid fuelled rocket blasted into to the black late night skies above the European Space Agency’s Kourou space port in French Guiana carrying PeruSat-1 and four small SkySat satellites for Google.

*Perth Observatory birthday celebrations
The Perth Observatory is celebrating its 120th birthday on Saturday. The observatory was the brainchild of Sir John Forrest who wanted to build an observatory for the isolated British colony of Western Australia.

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