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28 Apr 2008, 01:59 UTC
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You may have seen the report from the British UK Space Exploration Working Group suggesting that Britain can get two British Astronauts to the Space station costing less than pound;75m over 5 years by commercially engaging the Russian Soyuz program rather than the annual pound;60m cost of going with ESA, or indeed developing a British launch capability.

The Astronomer Royal on the other hand insists that unmanned space research is the way to go. You get a heck of a lot more science for your money

Dave and Leslie Wright from the British Rocketry Oral History program (BROHP) reminisce about the early days when Britain had its own launch capability and the UK Space conference that they host each year.

Want to be a rocket Scientist? Well a new book from a rocket scientist Lucy Rogers may be a good start. Lucy is also the chairman of the Vectis Astronomical Society on the isle of Wight. Their website must be one of the most elaborate. Check it out but .. turn down the volume on your PC first.

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