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Tornadoes with Tim Samaras

12 Jun 2012, 20:06 UTC
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The new generation GOES-R satellites will carry significant improvements and technology innovation on board. GOES-R will be able to deliver a full globe scan in only 5 minutes, compared to the 25 minutes needed for the same task with the current GOES satellites. GOES-R's lightning mapper instrument is expected to improve warning lead time for severe storms and tornadoes with up to 50%. This without a doubt will help predict severe weather in advance and save more lives. This reel is a compilation of finished productions about the GOES-R mission as well as supporting materials such as animations, visualizations, and still images.
In this video severe storm researcher and engineer Tim Samaras talks about his view on tornadoes and what remains to be understood. He also covers the importance of satellite imagery to his research.

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