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https://stardate.org/radio/program/event-horizon-telescope: Event Horizon Telescope
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4 Apr 2017, 05:00 UTC
https://stardate.org/radio/program/event-horizon-0: Event Horizon
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3 Apr 2017, 05:00 UTC
https://stardate.org/radio/program/vela-nursery: Vela Nursery
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2 Apr 2017, 05:00 UTC
tag:audioboom.com,2017-03-31:/posts/5768312: Discovery of a new type of star formation - SpaceTime with Stuart Gary Series 20 Episode 25
SpaceTime with Stuart Gary

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31 Mar 2017, 11:00 UTC *Discovery of a new type of star formation Astronomers have discovered a new way to produce stars. Researchers have found that can form in the powerful outflows generated by supermassive black holes meaning that black holes don’t just destroy stars –they can also create new ones. *Pillars of destruction in the carina nebulae Spectacular new observations of vast pillar-like structures within the Carina Nebula providing new insights into how ephemeral these giant structures really are. *Electric sands discovered on Titan Sands on the Saturnian moon Titan are highly electrically charged. The findings help explain unusual features seen in Titan’s landscape. *NASA's Juno spacecraft completes its fifth Jupiter flyby NASA's Juno spacecraft has successfully completed its fifth close flyby of the Jovian atmosphere. Mission managers say all of the probes camera’s and its eight science instruments were operational during the close encounter – gathering information about the gas giant’s cloud structure, gravitational and magnetic fields and auroral activity. For Enhanced Show Notes, including photos to accompany this episode: http://www.bitesz.com/spacetime-show-notes Subscribe, rate and review SpaceTime at all good podcasting apps…including iTunes, audioBoom, Stitcher, Pocketcasts, Podbean, Radio Public, Tunein Radio, google play, etc. RSS feed: https://audioboom.com/channels/4642443.rss Help support SpaceTime : The SpaceTime with ...
https://stardate.org/radio/program/moon-and-aldebaran-39: Moon and Aldebaran
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31 Mar 2017, 05:00 UTC

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