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http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/multimedia/podcast/mars/20150820/JPL-20150819-mMars-0000-Journey to Mars_montage-A-640.m4v: 50 Years of Mars Exploration
NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory Video and Audio Podcasts

Direct link 50 Years of Mars Exploration

20 Aug 2015, 07:00 UTC The first 50 years of successful NASA missions to the Red Planet.
http://astronomy.fm/?p=16682: Comet Watch Episode 007 Special Guest Rodney Austin

Direct link Comet Watch Episode 007 Special Guest Rodney Austin

20 Aug 2015, 05:03 UTC Welcome to CometWatch! Your Hosts are Nick Evetts & Neil Norman, Two British Comet Observers & Imagers. In our 7th show we discuss the current Comets and then are joined by Rodney Austin from New Zealand 8-inch f4 with 2x Barlow as used for 1989X1 16 inch f5 comethunter An ongoing project. Comet 1982M1 1984N1 Comet 1989X1 Aged 14 in 1959 with an on loan 3 inch refractor. Comet Austin 1989X1 Confirmation pic Perth Observatory-Pete Birch Dec 6-7-1989. Don Machholz Rodney Austin and Doug Berger at Ribbonwood-Halleywatch site NZ 1986. Original version 6 inch f8 refractor as used for discovery of 1982M1. Rebuilt 6 inch f8 refractor as used for 1984N1. Rodney with 24inch Optical Craftsmen Reflector at-Mt John University Observatory circa September 1971. Wendee & David Levy,Albert Jones and Rodney Austin RASNZ Conference New Plymouth New-Zealand 2006. Both Neil and myself wish to thank Rodney for giving us permission to share the above images on the Astronomy.fm site BAA Comet Section Page http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~jds/ The German Comet Group http://kometen.fg-vds.de/fgk_hpe.htm Seiichi Yoshida’s page http://www.aerith.net/comet/weekly/current.html Liga Iberoamericana de Astronomia http://cometobservations.freeservers.com/ Comet chasing http://cometchasing.skyhound.com/ International Comet Quarterly http://www.icq.eps.harvard.edu/CometMags.html CometBase http://cometbase.net/ Mt John Observatory http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/astronomy-overview/page-4 http://www.phys.canterbury.ac.nz/research/mt_john/ Cnaterbury Sky Atlas http://www.TeAra.govt.nz/en/document/8006/canterbury-sky-atlas
http://www.abc.net.au/science/podcast/starstuff4296375: Colliding galaxies found next door

Direct link Colliding galaxies found next door

19 Aug 2015, 06:45 UTC
http://webbtelescope.org/webb_telescope/behind_the_webb/db#27--1280: Episode 27: Cosmic Shutterbug
Behind the Webb

Direct link Episode 27: Cosmic Shutterbug

19 Aug 2015, 04:00 UTC

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