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Europlanet Research Infrastructure

Live programme at EPSC2020

22 Sep 2020, 09:35 UTC
Live programme at EPSC2020

Live programme at EPSC2020

Upcoming day’s programme | Past day’s programme (including links to recordings)

Today’s programme

Tuesday 22 September

EPSC Live events: Tuesday, 22 September 2020
10:00 CESTMorning programme

10:00 CESTBR2 – Tuesday briefing. Upcoming highlights
10:20 CESTIV2 – Supporting the Planetary Community (Guests: Gareth Davies, Angelo Pio Rossi, Manuel Scherf)
10:40 CESTSB3 – Comets, Centaurs, Trans-Neptunian and interstellar objects
11:20 CESTEXO7 – Synergies between techniques for characterising exoplanets from space and ground-based facilities
12:00 CESTEnd of morning session
16:00 CESTAfternoon session
16:00 CESTFarinella and Europlanet Prize presentations and lectures
17:20 CESTTP11 – Venus Science and Exploration
17:40 CESTSB10 – Physical properties of small bodies: processes and space materials
18:00 CESTSMW5 Planetary Science Wiki Edit- a-thon

Upcoming days’ programmes

Wednesday 23 September

EPSC Live events: Wednesday, 22 September 2020
10:00 CESTMorning programme

10:00 CESTBR3 – Wednesday briefing. Upcoming highlights
10:20 CESTIV3 – BepiColombo, Mercury and Venus flyby. (Guests: Johannes Benkhoff, Javier Peralta, Ricardo Hueso)
10:40 CESTSB4 – Surface and interior dynamics of asteroids and meteorite parent bodies
11:00 CESTMITM12 – Future instruments and sustainable outposts for deep space, Moon and Mars
11:20 CESTODAA2 – Open planetary science for effective knowledge co-creation and dissemination
12:00 CESTEnd of morning session
14:00 CESTSMW3 Widening – How under- represented groups could profit from virtual conferences?
16:00 CESTAfternoon session
16:00 CESTCE4 Short course: Scientific writing – a science by itself?
17:00 CESTEXO Keynote by Laura Kreidberg
17:20 CESTOPS3 – Planet Titan
17:40 CESTMITM2 – Nano to Mini satellite and dedicated instruments: a new opportunity for planetary exploration.

Thursday 24 September

EPSC Live events: Thursday, 24 September 202010:00 CESTMorning programme10:00 CESTBR4 – Thursday briefing. Upcoming highlights10:20 CESTIV4 – Thursday interviews: Science in a changing world. (Guests: May Chiao, Ken Hiltner)10:40 CESTMITM17 – Polarimetry as a tool for characterizing dust particles: Observations, Modelling, and Laboratory data11:00 CESTSB5 – Observing and modelling meteors in planetary atmospheres11:20 CESTODAA3 – Professional-Amateur collaborations in small bodies, terrestrial and giant planets, exoplanets, and ground-based support of space missions12:00 CESTEnd of morning session16:00 CESTAfternoon session16:00 CESTScience Flash17:00 CESTSB Keynote by Daniella DellaGiustina17:20 CESTOPS5 – Environments of outer planet moons: particles, plasma, fields and dust17:40 CEST – 18:00 CESTEXO1 – Formation and evolution of extrasolar systems

Friday 25 September

EPSC Live events: Friday, 25 September 202010:00 CESTMorning programme10:00 CESTBR5 – Friday briefing. Upcoming highlights10:20 CESTIV5 – Friday Interviews: Planetary science in the field and lab. (Guests: Giovanni Pratesi, Fulvio Franchi, Samantha Tistoni)10:40 CESTTP16 – European Exploration of Mars: from Mars Express to ExoMars and beyond11:20 CESTTP18 – Astrobiology12:00 CESTEnd of morning session16:00 CESTAfternoon session16:00 CESTCE6 Short course: Developing the future of planetary science: Voyage 2050 and Comet Interceptor, an early career viewpoint17:00 CESTTP Keynote by Ganna Portyankina17:20 CESTSB8 – Small Bodies Surveys17:40 CESTTP2 – Planetary Dynamics: Shape, Gravity, Orbit, Tides, and Rotation from Observations and Models

Past days’ programmes

Monday 21 September

EPSC Live events: Monday, 21 September 2020
10:00 CESTMorning programme

10:00 CESTBR1 – Monday briefing. Upcoming highlights
10:20 CESTIV1 – Monday interviews: Welcome to EPSC. (Guests: Nigel Mason, Luisa Lara, Harri Haukka)
10:40 CESTSB9 – Laboratory measurements of minerals, ices and organic matter
11:00 CESTTP12 – Open Lunar Science & Innovation
11:20 CESTODAA1 – Diversity and Inclusiveness in Planetary Sciences
12:00 CESTEnd of morning session
16:00 CESTAfternoon session
16:00 CESTCE1 – Welcome and opening ceremony 
16:20 CESTPL1.1 – Life Stories – a career in planetology (diversity lecture by Amelia Ortiz-Gil) 
16:40 CESTCE2.2 – Life Stories: Q&A session with Amelia Ortiz Gil 
17:00 CESTTP7 – Ionospheres of unmagnetized or weakly magnetized bodies
17:20 CESTOPS2 – Ice Giant System Science and Exploration
17:40 CESTTP10 – Mercury Science and Exploration
18:00 CESTSMW2 – Juno Ground-Based Support from Amateur Astronomers

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