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International Astronautical Federation

2019 Call for Nominations of IAF Elective Officers is OPEN !

15 May 2019, 10:44 UTC
2019 Call for Nominations of IAF Elective Officers is OPEN !

In accordance with the IAF Constitution, the selection of Elective Officers required to lead the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) and serve on the IAF Bureau takes place annually. These volunteer officers are elected by the IAF General Assembly, in accordance with procedures established in the IAF Constitution and By-Laws.
IAF Officers are elected to serve for one, three-year, non-consecutive term. In addition, an Elective Officer is entitled to serve the Federation for another non-consecutive period of office, with a maximum of two terms in the same office. All elected Officer positions are honorary, and officers serve without any remuneration.
For the 2019 Elective Officers selection the following 4 officers positions are now open for election by the General Assembly on Friday 25 October 2019 during the 70th International Astronautical Congress in Washington DC, US:

4 Vice Presidents to serve the Federation from October 2019 for a three-year period

In recent years, interest in serving as volunteer Officers of the IAF has grown significantly.  With this in mind, and in order to ensure that the Federation evaluates candidates in a fair and transparent fashion, the procedure for officers’ elections has been laid down in the IAF By-Laws. According to the IAF Constitution and By-Laws:

Nominations of individuals to serve as Officers of the Federation shall be submitted by an IAF Member Organization in good standing. The nominee shall be a representative of the organization submitting the nomination, and shall confirm acceptance of his/her nomination.
Nominees may only be recommended for one open position.
Nominations should be received by the IAF Executive Director on or before 15 August 2019.

Note: The IAF Secretariat will maintain a list of those individuals nominated that will be made available on the restricted area of the IAF web site at the IAF Members’ page (name, nominating organization, country).

Member organizations submitting nominations are encouraged to include background documentation on the qualifications of the proposed officer, and on his/her past experience as an IAF volunteer.
The General Assembly of the Federation will establish a five-person Nomination Committee, which will review the nominations and accompanying documentation, interview nominees and take input from IAF member organizations and volunteers. The Nomination Committee will provide its recommendations to the IAF Bureau (on 24 October 2019) and to the General Assembly (on 25 October 2019).
On 25 October 2019, the IAF General Assembly will decide – either by consensus or by secret ballot – on those nominees who shall serve as Officers of the Federation for the period applicable.

Most officers of the Federation have had experience in serving on IAF technical and/or administrative committees. Some have also served in leadership roles within the Federation. The Nomination Committee and the General Assembly will take this experience into account in evaluating prospective candidates.

In addition to the nominees’ qualifications, the Nomination Committee and General Assembly will give due regard to nominees from nations or international organizations that have reached a high degree of development in space activities. In line with the Federation’s focus on “3G” Diversity (Gender – Geography – Generation) the Nomination Committee and General Assembly will also consider the importance of an equitable “3G” distribution within the IAF Bureau.

Member Organizations of the Federation are kindly requested to submit nominations (nomination letter and CV) of individuals to serve as Officers of the International Astronautical Federation for the applicable period, along with accompanying documentation, and a statement of acceptance of the nomination by the nominee, no later than 15 August 2019 to:

Christian Feichtinger
Executive Director
International Astronautical Federation
100 Avenue de Suffren
F- 75015 Paris
Tel:  +33 1 45 67 42 60
Email:  christian.feichtinger@iafastro.org

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