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Postdoctoral position in the field of planetary sciences at the University of Bern

25 Sep 2018, 12:10 UTC
Postdoctoral position in the field of planetary sciences at the University of Bern

As part of its long-term strategic interest in exoplanet science,
the government of Switzerland has awarded funding to a network of universities and
research groups to create a Swiss-wide research framework known as “PlanetS”.
The scope of the framework is broad (see www.nccr-planets.ch) and includes planet
origin, evolution and characterization, considering both the Solar System and
exoplanets, in theory, observation and instrumentation. PlanetS already funds
a large number of PhD and postdoctoral positions in the participating
institutions (University of Bern, University of Geneva, University of Zurich and ETH Zurich).
In order to further support this research effort, we are offering a new postdoctoral position in the field of planetary sciences.
The selected applicant will address different key problems of planet formation and will contribute to the development of planet formation models, both based on accretion of planetesimals and accretion of pebbles, as well as the analysis of the results of models. The applicants should have experience in planet formation and evolution, in particular solid-gas interaction in protoplanetary disks (for solids from pebble to planetesimal size range). In addition, experience in statistical analysis tools (e.g. machine learning and deep learning) will be a plus.
The position will be based at the University of Bern, hosted by the group of Yann Alibert, but frequent and regular interactions are foreseen with other groups at the University of Bern (e.g. Willy Benz, Christoph Mordasini, Kevin Heng), and with other institutes part of the NCCR.
The selected applicant will have access to the high level computing facilities at the University of Bern.
Start: The starting date of the position is negotiable, and could be as early as November 2018.
Duration and salary: The length of a postdoc contract is of 2 years, with possible extension to a third and even a fourth year depending on available funds. Applicants should be less than 4 years after their PhD at the beginning of the position.
Swiss postdoc salaries are extremely competitive (between 75,000 and 95,000 CHF a year) even considering local costs of living, and are set by standard local regulations based on age and experience.
How to apply: Interested applicants should contact Yann Alibert (alibert@space.unibe.ch), and send a summary of their research activities, a CV, a publication list, and arrange for three letters of recommendation to be sent directly. Complete applications received by October 31st, 2018, will receive full considerations.
Past this date, applications will be considered depending on availability.
The university of Bern is an equal opportunity employer, and we specially encourage the application of female researchers.
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