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Pro-Am collaborations showcased at Europlanet workshop

30 May 2018, 21:22 UTC
Pro-Am collaborations showcased at Europlanet workshop

Pro-Am collaborations showcased at ‘New Views of Jupiter’, RAS-Juno Europlanet workshop

Nearly 50 of the world’s leading observers of Jupiter, members of NASA’s Juno mission team, and citizen scientists from across the globe took part in a workshop at the Royal Astronomical Society/Linnean Society in London on 10-11 May. ‘New Views of Jupiter: Pro-Am Collaborations during and beyond the NASA Juno Mission’, was supported through Europlanet 2020 RI’s NA1 networking activity. Participants presented new observations and imagery from JunoCam and ground-based facilities, updates on the Juno mission and plans for future observing campaigns.
Exhibition of historical Jupiter images
John Rogers of the British Astronomical Association and Sian Prosser, the Librarian of the Royal Astronomical Society, curated an exhibition of historical views of Jupiter from their archives:

Interviews with participants
With the support of the Royal Astronomical Society’s Helen Klus and Morgan Hollis, we filmed short interviews with a number of the participants:
Scott Bolton, Juno Mission PI

JunoCam PI Candy Hansen

Glenn Orton, coordinator of the Juno Groundbased Campaign

Gerald Eichstädt, amateur astronomer, Germany, and Seán Doran, amateur astronomer, Ireland

Leigh Fletcher, University of Leicester and co-organiser of the New Views of Jupiter Workshop

Christopher Go, amateur astronomer, the Philippines

Anthony Wesley, amateur astronomer, Australia

Pat Irwin, University of Oxford

Silvia Kowollik, amateur astronomer, Germany

Arrate Antunano Martin

Media coverage
A press release about the workshop and imagery presented at the meeting was covered in the international media, including Space.com, CNET, IFL Science, Europa Press, Tähdet ja avaruus. The BBC’s Sky at Night also filmed interviews with workshop participants.

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