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Europlanet Summer Schools 2017: Reports

31 Jul 2017, 13:43 UTC
Europlanet Summer Schools 2017: Reports

Europlanet Summer School 2017, Molėtai Astronomical Observatory, Lithuania.
The 2017 Europlanet Summer School “Space missions: ground-based observations and science communication” took place from 18-28 July at the Molėtai Astronomical Observatory in Lithuania. Students received practical training on making spectroscopic observations of the chemical composition of stars and photometric detections of stellar variability and exoplanet transits. Afternoon sessions included a wide range of science communication training, including engaging with teachers and the public, writing for the media and using social media.
The 21 students from 11 countries (Azerbaijan, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Ukraine) included amateur astronomers and young scientists ranging from post-docs to final-year school students.
41st Alpbach Summer School, Alpbach, Austria.
Europlanet also sponsored the 41st Alpbach Summer School from 18-27 July, which this year focused on ‘The Dusty Universe’.
Europlanet’s science networking activity (NA1 Task 2 and Task 5)  sponsored the participation of eight students from inclusiveness countries (Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Portugal).
Students sponsored by Europlanet 2020 RI to attend the 41st Alpbach Summer School
Misson concepts devised by student teams included Magrathea, a mission to understand the evolution of dust particles and their role in building planets, and Far infra-Red Observation Spectroscopy Telescopes (FROST).

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