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Wasp 47

1 May 2017, 06:00 UTC
Wasp 47

WASP-47 is a planetary system about 200 light-years away in the constellation Aquarius. Its magnitude, 11.9, makes it too faint for naked-eye observations. It is made of a Sun-like star (spectral type G9V) and at least four planets. You can zoom in and change the size of the objects to better see the three innermost planets; the fourth planet is much more outside.
WASP-47 b (inner green orbit) is a transiting hot Jupiter 0.05 au away from its star (1 au = the Sun-Earth distance). It was discovered from data of the WASP-South survey and Geneva’s Euler telescope (CORALIE and EULER-Cam) (Hellier et al., 2012).
WASP-47 c (outermost green orbit) is a cold Jupiter 1.4 au from the star and discovered thanks to CORALIE observations (Neveu-VanMalle et al., 2016).
Finally, WASP-47 d (blue orbit) and e (innermost red orbit) were discovered 0.017 and 0.09 au away from the star thanks to their transits during Kepler’s K2 mission (Becker et al., 2015). WASP-47 d is probably a hot Neptune while WASP-47 e is a hot super-Earth.
Credit: Lauren Weiss
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